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Backblaze will now loan you a hard drive full of your data

Backblaze, my preferred cloud backup service for a few years now, is today making it a bit easier and cheaper to restore all of your data if your computer should ever crash or get lost / stolen. The company has always let subscribers ($5 per month) pay $189 to receive an external hard drive with a full copy of their backup. But maybe you don’t need yet another external drive that’ll just end up sitting around collecting dust. So now Backblaze is giving customers another option: send it back within 30 days for a full refund.

You’ve got to cover shipping costs for the drive’s return trip, unfortunately, but this still makes for a pretty convenient way of getting your stuff back in a jam. Of course, this being a cloud service, Backblaze always gives you the ability to download your files directly from the company’s website at no charge, but that can be a bit slow and frustrating depending on your broadband connection. You could keep the drive — to use for a local backup, perhaps (which you should always have) — you can just eat the $189 charge and hang onto it.

Backblaze claims this service is unique among its competition, with Crashplan recently having phased out the option for “Home” subscribers to restore via mailed hard drive. Backblaze has backed up over 200 petabytes of customer data through its unique storage pod system, and says it’s made over 10 billion data restorations. Having used it for some time now, I can vouch that it’s pretty great. Once the initial backup is finished, you’ll barely ever notice that it’s open, quietly keeping your files safe in the background.




Know Fast Teaches You Something New Every Day with Short, Informative Videos

Know Fast for iPhone delivers short (less than four-minutes), informative videos to you each day, in categories you choose. It’s a great way to spend a few minutes learning something new and interesting in a field you’re interested in, or just to expand your horizons a bit.

The app itself is fairly simple. Once installed, select categories that interest you, like technology, science, finance, cooking, culture, history, DIY, and more—then watch a short video from one of those categories. Rate it, so the app can deliver better ones to you in the future, share it with your friends if you like, and then sit back and wait for a fresh video to be delivered to you tomorrow.

If it seems a little slower than, say, going to YouTube and binging on all of the DIY videos, it’s intentional—the goal is to give you a quick way to learn something interesting in a short period of time between other things, so it’s easier to make room for it. The videos are also hand-picked, too, so you get good ones (even better if you help rate them.) It’s a quick, simple way to explore a new field, or just make your commute home or idle time more interesting—and educational. The app is free, and available now.

Know Fast (Free) | iTunes App Store via Know Fast