[FIRMWARE] for UAP/USW has been released

Hi all,


We’ve prepared firmware Please see below for the changelog and links to the firmware binaries. Still following the old release note format (for now). This has been pushed to 5.4.11, and recent 5.5.x/5.6.x.


Firmware changes from 3.7.49:

  • [UAP] Wireless uplink improvements.
  • [UAP] Guest mode broadcast filter improvements.
  • [UAP] Fix a memory leak.
  • [UAP] Various tweaks to improve wireless uplink function.
  • [UAP] Add jq for CLI json processing.
  • [USW] Config changes preparing for LLDP-MED and Voice VLAN.
  • [HW] Add ca-certificates package.
  • [SEC] Various security improvements.




The UniFi team

Source: UBNT