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Google Maps for iOS Will No Longer Blind You Thanks to “Night Mode”

The iPhone version of Google Maps was updated with a handy new night mode feature alongside the ability to label places and edit photo captions.

The night mode is the biggest new feature and works a little differently than you might expect. Instead of switching over to night mode when you’re in a dark area, it does it whenever the clock says it’s nighttime. It’s a little weird, but it’s certainly not nice to not get blinded every time you use your phone at night. You can also now label places on a custom map, which is nice for adding custom addresses or whatever else you’d need.

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Create Custom-Named Places in Google Maps for Android


Have a favorite spot in the park nearby where you like to sit and read? Want to add locations to your map that aren’t in Google’s database? The latest version of Maps for Android lets you give any place a custom name, so you can search for it later.

That means you can rename existing locations (like your favorite pizza place) or locations that don’t have official entries in Google’s database (like a random spot in the park, or a certain address). Just open up a location or drop a pin, click the three-dot menu in the upper-right corner, and choose “Edit Name”. Give the place your custom name, and from then on you’ll be able to search for it in Google Maps.

Give a Place a Private Name | Maps for Mobile Help via Google Operating System


Google Maps Now Shows Your Location History in a Timeline 

Web app/Android: Google Maps is rolling out a new feature for Android and desktop called Your Timeline that shows you location history in a handy timeline view.
When you tap on the Your Timeline option in Google maps, you’ll see a map of where you spent your time on any given day, month, or year. This allows you to visualize your routine and see where you’ve been. If you’re using Google Photos, you’ll also see any photos you took on a specific day. Your Timeline is only visible by you, and you can delete days, places, or your history at any time. You can access Your Timeline on desktop and Android if you’ve opted-in to store your location history already.
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